Göran Blomqvist
21:30:20 3/29/2004
SWEDISH: Dessvärre har ju den gamla gästboken slutat att fungera, men inläggen i den har räddats och finns att läsa härunder...

ENGLISH: The first guestbook is unfortunately out of order, but luckily enough, the old entries have been saved and they can be found here below!

Mona Gustavsson
09:04:20 3/19/2003
Hej Göran!
Det är fantastiskt att se sina förfäder på nätet. Jag mailade adressen till min storebror Sören och han sa: där ser man vad datorer kan ställa till det. Han tycker också det är roligt. Vi tycker du gör ett jättejobb. Sidan är fin. Mona

Mona Gustavsson

Kristin Emma Horton
01:10:46 3/12/2003
I was delighted today when your fine, new site was forwarded to me. I am Kristin (Kris) Blomberg Horton, daughter of Ivar Blomberg and Vivian Esther Carlson Blomberg. Josef and Emilie were my grandparents and Josef was the son of Karl Magnus Blomberg. I have a large portrait of Karl Magnus hanging in my home. I remember seeing it in the Blomberg family home at Burt Lake, Michigan and it was then passed on to my father, Ivar.

My sisters are Caryn Blomberg Foshaug and Donna Blomberg Carlson-Alkire.

Our mother, Vivian Esther Carlson, was also swedish. Her cousin, Lee Fischer, has done extensive research on the Carlson family. I have forwarded your web page to her.

I had previously searched the web to try to discover any Blomberg family research, but found little. I am so pleased that my cousin, Janice Burwell, forwarded this to me via Robin Blomberg.

I hope that many people will visit and contribute to your site. Thank you for all of your efforts.

Kristin Emma Horton från Elmira, MI United States of America

John Richard Blomberg
14:59:50 3/10/2003
My father was the son of Joseph Nathaniel Blomberg who was the son of Karl Magnus Blomberg and Ingeborg Oldstotter. Karl was the son of Karl Blomberg (schoolmaster) and Johanna Mathesdotter. Your site is very good and I'm sure that my wife Marcella Blomberg and my sister-in law, Robin Blomberg will make good use of the site in the future. Thanks for all of your good work and the site. Regards, John Blomberg

John Richard Blomberg son of Eugene Norman (or Nathaniel) Blomberg and Gladys Viola Sellinger

Laura Anne Blomberg Foussekis
01:14:46 3/10/2003
Excellent website. I like the photographs.

Laura Anne Blomberg Foussekis från Arnold, Maryland, USA