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Koeping, June 27, 1902
Dearly beloved children, Josef and Emalie!
Peace be with you!

Thank you so much for your much appreciated letter which I received some time back. I was not able to respond sooner, partially because I have been so busy a the publishing house that it took all my time and energy, partially because I wanted to visit my children in Stockholm before I wrote to you. On the 17th of this month Ingeborg and I traveled to Stockholm and yesterday we came back to Koeping, while we were gone Ester has been staying with (maternal) Aunt Lena in Fellingsbro and has done the laundry for us. What you are writing me, dear Josef, concerning me going to America is very true. I am so very sure that you, my dear children, love me very deeply and that both you, Emilie, Richard and Kristin would take care of me lovingly and help me, but I am getting old, the trip is very long and difficult, and besides, I might suffer homesickness for my dearly beloved country. I might regret that kind of a journey deeply. For that reason, I am not even considering taking it because I do not believe it will be according to God's will. With God's will and continued health, I will be working for Lindblad's publishing house till October 1 and later on I am thinking of traveling at the expense of the publishing house and sell their books, God willing. Ester will have to find work as a domestic and Ingeborg will find work in a shop if there is any possibility of that.

All our dear ones from Dufbo, now living in Stockholm, were in good health and both of them asked that I convey their loving regards to you. Jenny and Knut have a very beautiful house in Dufbo but I am sure they owe a lot on it. David is working with Knut at painting and Martin is also with them and doing what he is able to do. I believe that Jenny was the one who told me that you had written her and had mentioned that you had not received a letter from me for a long while; my last letter must not have reached you. I wrote you about the same time you wrote me, so my letter must have been lost in transit. I don't remember whether I answered your question in your last letter regarding baptism and Holy Communion. For me, both are of great improtance. Jesus, our dear savior, has instituted both the Holy Baptism and the Holy Communion. I know you know that, my beloved son. Therefore, dearly beloved Josef, let us thank the Lord and receive all that our dear savior has given us. Our body, soul and spirit will benefit from it.

Best regards to you and Emalie from brothers, sisters and me, your loving father K.M. Blomberg

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