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Koeping, January 23, 1902
My beloved children Emalie and Josef
God's Peace!

I am sending you, dear children, the sad news that Mamma has passed on. She died peacefully and quietly last Sunday at 2:15 P.M. at the age of 57 years, 11 months and 12 days. You may better understand how I feel than I can describe it. During the past summer and fall she often expressed her wish to join her Savior who was so dear in her heart. Now she has reached her goal. At the same time I feel grief, pain and miss her, but I thank the Lord that she has gone from this world which is full of deprivation and suffering, and has gone to her blessed home with Him. My most sincere prayer is that I and both my deceased wives may gather with all our children that the Lord gave us may at one time be joined in everlasting glory so that we may together praise the Lord and the Lamb in eternity.

Mama will be buried on Sunday. I have thought that Isak, David, Magnus and Arvid, together with Knut and Erik Felldin will be the pallbearers. Ester will probably stay with me till the fall to take care of the household. I think that I will stay in Koeping till October 1. Mama's health was very poor in late summer and especially bad during the fall, but she got up and took care of household matters until December 10, but after that she was bedfast. The doctor said that her illness was due to softening of the brain. She did not suffer but her memory was gone. She did not remember her name when the doctor asked what her name was. When he asked her my name she did not remember it but finally she said "His name is God's child and that he is". God be praised, she knew that.
Well, we may have to leave behind all other matters but never forget our Lord and Savior and that we belong to Him and are saved by Him through our faith in eternal life. Excuse me, dear children, that you had to wait so long for my letter. My loyal and tiring work together with Mamma's illness has drained my energy and deminished my courage.
Your loving father,
K.M. Blomberg
Greetings from me to Anna and Ingeborg (Note: I think this is a mis-translation and he is sending Anna and Ingborg's greetings to Josef)

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