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This is the old schoolhouse in Ytter Ekeby, where Karl Magnus Blomberg worked as a schoolteacher between 1863 and 1895. His family lived in the same house. This picture is from a visit that the two grand daughters of Karl Magnus, Milda Viberg and Nelly Viderud made in the 1930's. You can compare it with how the house looks today (2003).

From left: Milda Viberg (b. 1904) and her sister Nelly (b. 1906), but who are the two girls posing with them? If you recognixe them, please contact me. All four of them are also in this group picture.

Date taken: 1930's
Place taken: The schoolhouse in Ytter Ekeby, Fellingsbro parish, Västmanland, Sweden
Owner/-s: Olle Viderud, Sweden

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