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This is the old schoolhouse in Ytter Ekeby, where Karl Magnus Blomberg worked as a schoolteacher between 1863 and 1895. His family lived in the same house. You may compare it to how it looked while the Blomberg family lived in it before 1895. Nowadays (2003) the old schoolhouse is situated between a newer schoolhouse and the dwelling for the schoolteachers. Neither of the schoolhouses is, however, nowadays used as a school. The property is now in private possession and the two newer houses are used as residence for the current owners.

This is the schoolhouse in Ytter Ekeby as it is drawn on an old map from 1905-11.

This is the schoolhouse from the garden view. The Blomberg family is told to have planted an apple tree for each child in the family. Could it be the same old trees that still remain today?

In the footsteps of the ancestors...

This is my mother, Birgit Blomqvist - one of the great granddaughters of Karl Magnus Blomberg - sitting on the former porch of the old schoolhouse in Ytter Ekeby.

Nowadays the old schoolhouse is used as a garage for the current owners motorcycles. Note the special arrangement to the left of the doors in order to allow the motorcycle with side mounted carriage to leave the garage.

Date taken: July 17, 2003
Place taken: The schoolhouse in Ytter Ekeby, Fellingsbro parish, Västmanland, Sweden
Owner/-s: Göran Blomqvist, Sweden

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