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Updated: 2003-12-07
A family tree back to 1516.

This is a family tree leading us from Carl Blomberg (1807-1889) at the bottom, up to the days of king Gustav Vasa in the early 1500's at the top. Starting at the top, the earliest ancestor - so far - is the captain (hövitsman) Peder Månsson from Glömme in Mjäldrunga parish, Älvsborg County. He lived there around 1516. His son Peder Pedersson is rather unknown to us, but his grandson Måns Pederson was a member of the magistrates' court in Bogesund (now Ulricehamn). His son, Lars Månsson, was a mayor in Mariestad, as was his son Nils Larsson Aurell. They were both also goldsmiths in Mariestad. Also the father-in-law of Nils Aurell, Jon Hansson Elding, was a mayor in the city Mariestad. The beautiful and well kept grave-cover of Nils Aurell and his wife Ingeborg Elding can still be seen in the floor of Mariestad cathedral, nowadays under a protecting glass shield. Their daughter Katarina married Sven Ingemarsson, who amongst other things was a member of the Swedish parliament. His portrait can be found on the sepulchral tablet, which hangs on the wall in Mariestad cathedral to his memory. Sven Ingemarsson and Katarina Aurell lived in Fägre parish and their children was named Fägersten, maybe after the place where they lived. The daughter Ingegborg Fägersten married Jakob Brisman in 1713. He had studied in the University of Uppsala where he took his degree in 1710. In 1715 he was ordained as clergyman. Unfortunately the Brisman family lost all of their belongings in a big fire in the city of Skara in 1719. Therefore it was a poor Jakob Brisman that became rector in the dilapidated rectory in Ransbergs parish in 1720. He managed, however, to bring the rectory into good order and according to the diocesan annals, he was a beloved rector of the Ransberg parish. His daughter Helena Brisman married the inspector Johan Kinberg from Granviken. Their daughter Ulrika Kinberg married the county sheriff (länsman) Clas Blomberg from Käpplunda outside Skövde. Their oldest daughter Anna Lena Blomberg had a son in 1807. The father of the child was not named in the church records and the child, Carl, lived by his grandmothers' in Käpplunda. Carl Blomberg grew up and became a school teacher, which he was for 50 years 1827-1877 in Ödenäs, Älvsborg county. One of his sons was the schoolteacher Karl Magnus Blomberg (1833-1917).

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