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Uppdated: 2004-02-10
Segerstad parish

The Army drummer homestead
The army drummers - father and son - Olof Wiberg and Daniel Wiberg lived in Segerstad parish, just west of Karlstad on the northern rim of lake Vänern. According to the church records, their homestead belonged to the village Stora Årsås (the green colored property on the map below). The drummer and scribe seem to have lived down by the cove called Götviken (the green arrow). Somehow Olof and his wife became owners of a part of the neighboring property called Stora Abbortan (the yellow colored property). Copyright Lantmäteriet 2003-10-20. Ur Häradsekonomiska kartan på dvd.

Sister as brother and brother as sister
In 1798, Olof Wiberg and his wife wrote a document that allowed their only daughter Anna Stina to inherit them the same way as their four sons did.

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Segerstads kyrka