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Uppdated: February 9, 2008
On the hunt for Fredrik Jonsson in Karlskrona

Fredrik Jonsson was born in 1873 in Klara parish of Stockholm. The Roteman archive tells that he on May 13th 1891 travelled to the naval city Karls-krona, 18 years old. His two year younger brother, Johan August Sigfrid, stayed, yet a few months with their father, the widower Johan Fredrik Jonsson, before also he left their home in Stockholm, to emigrate to America. Where in America he went, or if he even arrived there, is not known to me, but Fredrik came at least back to Stockholm in 1897. According to the roteman archive he came from the Admirality parish in Karlskrona on February 4th, 1897. He had been military employed and the notes says that he continued to be so until 1899. But at the same time it seems like he is working as a gas worker.

The pay-rolls for Karlskrona naval station, 1895

The Military Archives of Sweden

In order to find out what he was doing in Karlskrona during the six years 1891-97, I ordered the pay-rolls of 1995 for Karlskrona Station at the Military Archives of Sweden (see photos above). The lists contained lots of companies (sailors, stokers, crafts-men, sappers, and gunners). But since it was only pay-rolls, no first names was in it - and since Jonsson is a fairly common last name, I found twenty persons named Jonsson. Comparing them to the church books of the admirality parish I could find out that none of them had the first name I was looking for, Karl Fredrik Julius.

Instead I had to start to go through the church books page by page... ...and finally I found him!

Karlskrona, the Admirality parish

Fredrik Jonsson arrived to Karlskrona July 22nd, 1891. He is number 280 in the roll of arrivals. At the same time Karl Johan Jonsson (no 279) arrived. He was born 1892 in Adolf Fredrik parish, Stockholm. They became number 80 and 81 in the 1:st company of the fortress artillery. The question now is, what regiment they belonged to.

Karlskrona, Blekinge batallion

Accordning to the Military Archives of Sweden, the fortress artillery did not belong to the the navy, but the army, possibly Blekinge batallion. Therefore the next thing for me will be to scrutinize the reqruitment deeds of the Blekinge Batallion First Company of the year 1891.

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