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This is the wedding photo of August Walter Skoog and Hulda Wilhelmina (Minnie) Nelson. Behind the bridal couple stands (left to right) Carl Richard Blomberg, August Nelson, Ella Nelson and Selma Nelson. The latter three are siblings of the bride and Richard is their first cousin. Richard mother Ingeborg Olsdotter and the Nelsons mother Mariet Olsdotter were sisters.

August Walter had earlier been married to Minnies older sister Inga Maria (b. 1864, married 1887) but she had died Sept 6 1896. Unfortunately also Minnie died only two year after their marriage, after which August Walter married a third time.

Date taken: August 3, 1897
Place taken:
Owner/-s: Mr. Beckman, USA
Comments: Source of information is the Nelson descendant Mr Beckman, USA

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