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Updated: 2003-02-27
Olof Wiberg

Dead: 1810-08-05 Segerstad, Värmland
Spouse: Annika Danielsdotter
Children: Anna Stina (1780), Johannes (1782-1782), Johannes (1783), Daniel Wiberg (1786-1852), Jan Petter (1789), Anders (1793), Maria Lisa (1799-1799)

Where Olof Wiberg came from is not yet verified, but in December 1774 he was enrolled as an army drummer in Näs company, Värmland's Regiment. He replaced Petter Svanman who had died earlier the same month. How Olof spelled his last name Wiberg (that is, with or without a "d" or with a single or double "V") is not yet known to me, but in the church records, military lists and other sources, all different combinations occur.

He married the maid Anneka Danielsdotter from Solberg. In 1798 they wrote a paper that gave their only daughter the same right to inherit them as their four sons had.

In 1805 the drummer Olof Wiberg could end his service in the army and after that he received a sort of pension. He was probably replaced by his son Daniel Wiberg as a drummer, but it seems like if he could keep his drummer homestead. In 1808 he could lease the usufruct of the drummer homestead harbour to a mr Jeremias Kamptz.

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