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This is 29 Washington Avenue in La Grange, Illinois. The photo to the left is from june 2004 and the one to the right is probably approximately a century older. In this house Aaron Elmblade lived, and this is where his daughters Ella and Emilie grew up. Ella and David Blomberg came to live almost next door (33 Washington Ave) and Emilie and Josef Blomberg started as newly married on the second floor in this very house. There was a stairway on the backside of the house to the second floor. Eventually, they moved to another house, No 15 Hayes Avenue, two blocks closer to the La Grange town center.

The family in front of the house is Aaron Elmblade and his wife and children. Which one of his several wives and children these persons are, I don't know.

Date taken: 2004 and ????
Place taken: La Grange, Illinois
Owner/-s: Birdie Blomberg
Comments: Thanks to Roberta Blombergs knowledge of where the Blombergs and Elmblades had lived in La Grange I could find the places. Just a couple of days later Kris and Vic Horton took me to visit Birdie Blomberg, 97. It was with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes, she could pull out this old photo of the house, just when I told her I had stopped by at that address in La Grange.

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