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Knut and Jenny Wiberg with family on a trip to Fellingsbro in the mid 1910's. Here they are standing in front of the house in Norrsäter No 1 in Fellingsbro.

Here's an enlargement of the people. To the far left is Jenny Wiberg (b. Blomberg) and to the far right is her husband Knut Wiberg. Next to Jenny, I think it is Erik Felldin with his wife (holding their son). In front of them is one of Knut's and Jenny's daughters. The man with the wide hat is also seen in this picture. I have earlier guessed he might be Kark Gustaf Widberg, the brother of Knut, but now I am leaning more to think he is either of Knut's sons, Martin of Mauritz. Who can help me settle this? To the right of him is Manfred Wiberg, my maternal grandfather. The remaining three persons, two women and one man, is unknown to me.

If you recognize anyone in this picture, please contact me.

Date taken: Mid 1910's, 1914?
Place taken: Most probably Fellingsbro
Owner/-s: Göran Blomqvist, Sweden
Comments: Thank you, Sven-Rune Björdin in Fellingsbro for identifying the house!

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