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Updated: 2003-07-20
Knut Alfred Wiberg

Born: 1863-01-13 Västersäter, Fellingsbro, Västmanland
Dead: 1921-06-03 Spånga, Stockholm
Father: Jan Daniel Wiberg
Mother: Maria Helena Andersdotter
Spouse: Jenny Blomberg
Children: Martin (1888), Magnus (1890), Mauritz (1891), Manfred (1894), Milda (1904), Nelly (1906)

Knut Wiberg was born in 1863 in Fellingsbro parish, Västmanland and died in 1921 in Spånga, Uppland. In 1884 he moved to his 14 year older brother the shoemaker-worker Johan Wiberg in Stockholm. Two and a half years later he moved back home to Fellingsbro just to in one year later once again move to Stockholm. This time, however, together with his wife Jenny and their only four months old son Martin. In 1894 he got his permission to work as a painter in Stockholm. Then the family lived in the city of Stockholm at Surbrunnsgatan. In 1899 the family built the villa in Duvbo outside Stockholm.

Updated: 2012-01-08
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