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This is Erik Felldin with his mother Carolina and family. Erik is the man with the white hat. Just in front of him sits his wife Hilda with their one-year-old son Gunnar in her lap. Eriks mother, Carolina is the woman in the center, and her brother Knut is standing to the far right with his wife Jenny (b. Blomberg) in front of him. The two young girls are probably their daughters Milda and Nelly. The young man standing behind the shoulder of Erik Felldin is probably Manfred Wiberg, a son of Knut and Jenny. The man inbetween the siblings Carolina and Knut may be their brother Karl Gustav Widberg, who worked as a taylor in Fellingsbro parish, where the Felldin family lived. The young woman to the far left is not yet identified.

Date taken: 1914
Place taken:
Owner/-s: Lars-Gunnar Felldin

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