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Updated: 2003-07-20
Johan Wiberg

Born: 1849-09-22, Västersäter, Fellingsbro parish, Västmanland
Dead: 1902-11-21, Södermalm, Stockholm
Father: Jan Daniel Wiberg
Mother: Maria Helena Andersdotter
Spouse: Kristina Frans from Petalax, Finland
Children: Edit (1879)

Johan Wiberg was born in Västersäter, Fellingsbro in 1849. In 1870 he moved to Stockholm where he worked in the engine on a steamship. He was also working in the shoemaking industry. His daughter Edit worked as a seamstress and married the metal-worker Karl Johan Ferdinand Forsman (b. 1877). Edit died in 1914, only 34 years old.

Updated: 2003-12-27
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