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Updated: 2004-03-29
Jenny Wiberg (b. Blomberg)

Born: 1865-04-04, Ytter Ekeby, Fellingsbro, Västmanland
Dead: 1918-05-25, Spånga, Stockholm
Father: Karl Magnus Blomberg, schoolteacher in Ytter Ekeby, Fellingsbro.
Mother: Ingeborg Olsdotter
Spouse: Knut Wiberg
Children: Martin (1888-1975), Magnus (1890-1912), Mauritz (1891-1979), Manfred (1894-1978), Milda (1904-1996), Nelly (1906-1996)

Jenny Wiberg was born in 1865 in Fellingsbro parish, Västmanland and died 1918 in Spånga, Uppland. She was a schoolteacher as her father and sister. In 1888 she moved to Stockholm with her husband Knut Wiberg. In 1899 the family moved from Stockholm city to Duvbo where they built a two-storage villa. They lived on the second floor and let the first floor out for a 500 kronor rent.

Updated: 2012-01-08
Photos of Jenny Wiberg (born Blomberg)

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