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Uppdated: January 4th, 2012
Older news:

Helge Widbergs photographic treasure:
January 4th 2012
Helge Widberg (1910-2006) a christian missionary in China left a photographic treasure. Among the pictures are early photographs from Helges time as a missionary in China 1947-1951, from an earthquake catastrophy in Greece and from humanitarian work in Berlin

Digitizing of the photographs will be reported here.

Let's have a look at Algot Nystrand, the carpenter teacher in Gothenburg!
2 nov 2008
The teacher Algot Nystrand - the youngest son of Nils Fredrik Nystrand and his wife Karolina Ulrika Ljungberg can now be seen in pictures. Thanks to the fact that some of the papers of Algot Nystrand is deposited in the library of Gothenburg University, three of their photo albums are now kept there. Here are copies of a few of the pictures of the family of Algot Nystrand and his wife Marie (born Möhring).

Do you know anything regarding the Nystrand Möhring family, please be in touch!

The sixteenth century house in Årsås is saved!
10 oktober 2008
The military secretary homestead in Årsås, Segerstad parish, Värmland has been saved from further destruction. This is the village where also the army drummers, father and son, Olof and Daniel Wiberg lived in during the years 1774-1838. Hopefully the house will be renovated in order to be used by for instead the local history society and the land owners.
US-immigrant found!
Oct 14th 2008
John August Johnson, the brother of Fredrik Jonsson, who emigrated to USA in 1891 has been tracked down to Pittsburgh in Pennsylva-nia, where he lived with his wife Anna. As it showed up, also the brother Emil Johnson lived in the neighborhood with his family.
A new photo:
March 9th, 2008
Eric Fogelberg (1911-1949), half brother of Gustaf Nystrand to the left, and son of Hulda Nystrand och dotterson till musikkorpralen August Fredrik Nystrand
The Military Archives of Sweden:
Feb 9th, 2008
I'm looking for the traces of Fredrik Jonsson (1873-1909) from his six years in Karlskrona 1891-97.

Hulda Fogelberg
31 jan 2008
I visited the large graveyard of Skogskyrkogården (Forest graveyard) last weekend and had a look at the headstone of the grave of Hulda Fogelberg from 1959.
Wanted emigrants:
31 jan 2008
Many in our ancestors families emigrated to America.

Johan August Sigfrid Jonsson emigrerated 1891 from Stockholm. Where did he go?

Lovisa Widberg emigrerated to Minnesota, where she became Mrs Louisa Carlson. She almost became 105 years old. I am looking for her descendants.
Birdie Blomberg
20 jan 2008
I just heard that Birdie Blomberg passed away last week, only weeks from her 101´st birthday.

She contributed a lot to this site, with her knowledge and many old photos.
A new photo:
19 jan 2008
Gustaf Nystrand, gardener in Karlskoga (1898-1956). Oldest son of Hulda Nystrand och grandson of the horn-blower August Fredrik Nystrand.
Jonas Peter

15 jan 2008
Jonas Peter Kronholm (1844-1923) blacksmith in Småland. He was an uncle of Fredrik Jonsson

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