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The website "slaktbild" will now become Familypix.se. I want to develop the website more and also take full control of its administration. Therefore I now have built a webserver here at my home and this will become the new place for our site. The first thing I will get to, is to build a guestbook, since the old one has stopped its services. Then I will add more photos and information, as I promised, almost two years ago!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2006!

I want to wish all Blomberg and Wiberg/Widberg relatives a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Yet another year has passed. Unfortunately I have not maintained this site as much as I had the intention to do. But, I do hope for a better 2006, because we do have some new/old material that soon will be posted here.

Wiberg and Wiman from the village Vivas in Värmland

Yet another generation discovered. Finally, the background of the army drummer Olof Wiberg has become clearer. In a land surveying record from 1776 he is mentioned together with his father named Per Wiman, and in the village of Vivas in Kila parish we can find both the soldier Per Wiman and his son, the newly become army drummer, Olof Wiberg. A good guess is that their soldier names (Wiman and Wiberg) were inspired by the first element of the name of their village: Vivas. Let me remark that the spelling of the name Wiberg may differ a lot. Depending on who was holding the pen, we may find Wiberg, Widberg or Wijberg - with a single or double "v".

Richard Blomberg and family

Here is another family photo of Richard and Kristina Blomberg. Richard, a son of Karl Magnus Blomberg and his wife Ingeborg Olsdotter and Kristina a daughter of Erik Jonsson and his wife Marit Olsdotter both emigrated to the USA where they married and raised a family.

Another branch of the Blomberg/Sjöberg family tree...

Johan Fredrik Sjöberg was a son of Anna Maja Blomberg, the oldest living daughter of the schoolmaster Carl Blomberg in Ödenäs, hence she was also a sister of Karl Magnus Blomberg, who became schoolteacher in Fellingsbro. Unfortunately Johan Fredrik lost his mother in a cholera epidemic 1857 when he was only four months old. In 1876 Johan Fredrik Sjöberg moved to Fellingsbro where he worked as a farm-hand in different farms before getting married and settling as a crofter in Tyringe, Säterbo parish outside Arboga. Now we have contact with his descendant Lisbeth Staaf, who have contributed to the site with the portrait of Johan Fredrik and details on his life.

Manfred Wiberg and, who else?

This is a photo of my grandparents Manfred and Märta Wiberg. But who are the other persons? Could one of them be Alma Isaacsson, Manfred's aunt?

Five photos of Emilie Blomberg (b. Elmblade)

Here are another five famliy pictures from America. This time they are all of Emilie Blomberg in different ages. To the left a very young Emilie. In the next Emilie stands in the garden of the farm in Burt Lake, Michigan. The photo in the middle is from a visit that Josef's sister Hilma had in Burt Lake - probably in 1933, when she and her husband Henrik Tjäder went back from China to Sweden via USA. The next poto is of Emilie and Joseph and the last is Emilie with a huge cake..

Three more photos

Here are another three famliy pictures from America. To the left is Josef Blomberg with his wife Emilie and daughter Margaret. In the middle is Ella Blomberg, widow of David Blomberg and sister to Emilie. To the right is Magnus Blomberg (brother of Josef and David) with his wife Ada.

USA-trip 2004, Part two:
Josef Blomberg visiting Sweden in 1934.

During my recent USA-trip, Kris and Vic Horton took me to visit Birdie Blomberg, 97 - a daughter-in-law of Josef Blomberg. This gave us the opportunity to scan some 20 old family photos. Some of them are from the visit to Sweden that Josef did in 1934. It was a real joy for me to see these photos. And here they are: Josef with Swedish sisters, nephews and nieces.

A family picture from Burt Lake 1945

This is a family picture from the dining room at Josef Blomberg's farm in Burt Lake, Michigan. The photo is taken in september 1945.

USA-trip 2004, Part one:
La Grange and Burt Lake, now and then...

I have just returned from a trip to the USA, where I visited Kris Horton a descendant of Josef Blomberg. During the trip I had the opportunity to visit La Grange, Illinois and Burt Lake, Michigan, two places where Josef Blomberg lived. In La Grange, which is kind of a suburb to the big city of Chicago, I looked for the addresses (provided by Roberta Blomberg) of where Josef & Emilie and David & Ella Blomberg lived. I also checked the address of where Emilies and Ellas parents - Aaron and Nellie Elmblade lived. I'll tell more about the trip and the old family photos we scanned later, but first, here are the photos of the houses in La Grange and Burt Lake, now and then...

Crown, Whitehead, Heartrose...

What on earth could this be? Krona, Hvithufda, Rölinna, Springa and Hjertros! Well, they're the names of the six cows that the Wiberg family had at the time of Olof Wiberg's death in 1810. In the estate inventory, all of his belongings are registred, the cows even whith their names. Among his belongings one can also find the five books that he owned: a bible, a book of sermons (postilla), a statute book, a book on herbs and finally a book describing the geography of the county of Värmland, where they lived.

The signature of Clas Blomberg, 1795

In the judgement book from Kåkind in 1795, I've found the signature of the county constable Clas Blomberg. He was the great grandfather (fathers mothers father) of our Karl Magnus Blomberg, the schoolteacher from Fellingsbro. I hope to find more details from his every-day-life, by reading the court minutes...

The old guestbook is saved

Thanks to strange ways in cyberspace, and the complexity of computors - the old entries from our first guestbook have been recreated. They can be read HERE! and the new guestbook for new entries can be found HERE!

The villa in Duvbo found

I have, with help from the museum in Sundbyberg, found the house that Knut Wiberg started to build in 1899. To the left, the house in 1904 and to the right, the same house 100 years later - 2004.

New head banner

I have renewed the head banner. In the background behind our ancestors are now some of the church records. I have also added the Widberg spelling to the Wiberg family name. Somehow different branches of the family have come to spell the name in different ways.

Local court minutes

In order to get to know our Blomberg and Wiberg/Widberg ancestors more, I have started to read through the minutes from the local courts from the administrative counties, where they lived. They don't have to be felons or criminals, they can also occur in the minutes as wittnesses, injured party or maybe as part of the court. It feels very nice to find a proper minute where one's ancestor is quoted word-by-word. I have found some interesting cases regarding the army drummer Olof Wiberg/Widberg and I am now trying to find traces from Carl Blomberg who where a school teacher for fifty years between 1827 and 1877.
To the court register

The Guestbook is back!

Unfortunately, our guestbook has been out of order since before Christmas when my internet provider stopped that service. Now I've exchanged it for another guestbook service, that I hope will prove more long lasting. Please feel free to write a line or two.
To the guestbook...

The army drummers Wiberg

Both the father, Daniel, and grandfather, Olof, of Jan Daniel Wiberg were army drummers in the Värmland county regiment. By reading the microfilmed minutes from the local court, it's possible - with some luck - to learn some details from their life in the late 1700's and early 1800's. So far I've found that Olof Wiberg and his wife in the year of 1798 wrote a document that would give their only daughter the same right to inherit them as her four brothers already had by birth. Daniel Wiberg participated among the Swedish troops in the war in Pommern; from the account book of the church, it can be seen that Olof wiberg and some of his army colleagues gave mone to the church and to the poor to thank Good for bringing them back home from the war.
Read more about Olof Wiberg...
Read more about Daniel Wiberg...

Balsta in Fellingsbro

This is Balsta in Fellingsbro, where the taylor Karl Gustav Widberg (1860-1919) lived in the end of the 19th century.

Lovisa Widberg (Carlson) almost 105 years old

Lovisa Widberg (the daughter of Jan Daniel Wiberg, and sister of Anna Blomberg, Carolina Felldin, Karl Gustav Widberg, and Knut Wiberg) emigrated to America and lived to be almost 105 years old. This portrait is from a newspaper article, written when she was about to celebrate her 100'th birthday.

The headstone of Karl Magnus Blomberg

This is the headstone of the grave of Carl Magnus Blomberg in Västberga south of Stockholm. In another part of the same graveyard is the grave of his daughter Alma Isaacsson.

Old news...

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