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Who are these people?

Here are eight more photos that have belonged to the Felldin Family in Fellingsbro. Carolina Felldin (born Wiberg) had a sister, Lovisa Carlson who lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. These photos are probably from her, but who are the people on them?

Another photo of Carolina Felldin

Here is another photo of Carolina Felldin (born Wiberg) with her son Erik. The other photo has also belonged to the Felldin family. It is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but so far the identity of the person is not known.

The background of Aaron Elmblade in Småland

Aaron Elmblade was the father of the sisters Ella and Emilie Elmblade, who came to marry the two brothers David and Josef Blomberg. Thanks to help from the Swedish website "Rötter" (Roots), Aarons background in Sweden has been found. He came from Småland in south-eastern part of Sweden, a part of Sweden with a very large emigration to North America. Aaron, born 1845, was the youngest of ten children. When he was 16 he became a tanner apprentice. In 1866 he moved to an unknown place and three years later he emigrated to the USA with his first wife Christina Nilsson...

The Wiberg sisters Carolina and Lovisa

Here are some photos of Carolina and Lovisa Wiberg, sisters of Anna, Karl Gustav and Knut Wiberg, and daughters to Jan Daniel Wiberg in Västersäter, Fellingsbro. Carolina married Jan Erik Felldin and Lovisa married to Carlson. Lovisa also emigrated to the USA. The photo to the far left is of Erik Felldin and his mother and family (e.g. Knut and Jenny Wiberg with children). The other three photos are of Lovisa Wiberg Carlson.

Who are these five unknown...

This is a boat trip in 1896. In the boat sits the sisters Alma Isaksson and Jenny Wiberg (both born Blomberg) with their families. But, who are the people sitting in the stem? Is one of these five persons David Blomberg, a brother of Alma and Jenny? And - who is rowing? Is it maybe Johan Wiberg, the brother of Knut.

A family tree of ancestors back to 1516

This is a famliy tree taking us back to the year 1516 by following some of the ancestors of Carl Blomberg. Just click on the tree and read about goldsmiths, mayors, clergymen and other ancestors from the hidden past.

The family trees of Karl Magnus Blomberg

Here are two clickable family trees of the two first marriages of Karl Magnus Blomberg. In his first marriage he had six children with his wife Ingeborg Olsdotter, five of them grew up and one died very young. Unfortunately, his wife Ingeborg died only 36 years old in 1872. In his second marriage with Maria Helena Wiberg he had another seven children. All of his sons, except of Isak, emigrated to America. He was working as a taylor in Stockholm, Sweden. Who have seen his portrait? And, who can tell for how long Richard, David, Magnus or Arvid Blomberg lived. Please send an email if you know, and I'll update the site.

The Family trees are clickable, so if you point the mouse on a person and click, you will be directed to that persons data page.

Unidentified persons...

We have approximately 30 old family photos with persons that still remain unidentified. Please have a look among the pictures and see if there are any there that you can identify. Read more...

Eight months and more than 100 photos...

The website have now existed in approximately eight months and the number of historical family portraits that are accessible in the site exceeds more than one hundred. This has, by far, surpassed my expectations. Thank you so very much, all of you who have made this possible. I have also come in contact with relatives that I didn't even knew existed. Very pleasant!

A family tree of Jan Daniel Wiberg/Widberg

This is a clickable familytree of Jan Daniel Wiberg, his wife Maria Helena and six of their children. Who can fill in the blanks?

Eight more photos...

Here are another eight photos of Karl Magnus Blomberg and some of his children. These photos have belonged to his youngest daughter Ingeborg and are today in the possession of her granddaughter Annika Davidsson.

The first three portraits from left to right: Karl Magnus Blomberg with his second wife Anna Helena Wiberg, Karl Magnus with his son Arvid and finally Karl Magnus himself.

The next two are pictures of Carl Richard Blomberg, son of Karl Magnus Blomberg in his first marriage to Ingeborg Olsdotter. To the left is a memorial metal plate of Richard and the church in Missoula, Montana, where he worked. To the right is a photo of Richard's family.

Here are two photos of David Blomberg (son of Karl Magnus in his second marriage) and Davids wife Ella (born Elmblade). In the right picture we can also see David's and Ella's two sons Ellsworth and Paul.

Finally a picture of Ingeborg, the youngest daughter of Karl Magnus Blomberg, in her older days. The photo is taken in 1965 and Ingeborg is 80 years old.

Old news...

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