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The family of Kristina Jonsson in Stockholm

This is a photo of Kristina Jonsson, the wife of Richard Blomberg, and her siblings together with their father. The photo is probably taken before 1899 when they started to emigrate. Five of the seven siblings emigrated. Also the father Erik Jonsson emigrated to Minnesota, but he returned to Sweden before he died in 1911. Their mother drowned in a tragic accident in April 1892 when she and two of her daughters went through the ice outside Drottningholm (Where the King of Sweden nowadays live in his royal castle). Marit managed to save her two daughters, but unfortunately not herself.

The Blomberg farm in Burt Lake

This is the farm in Burt Lake, Michigan, where Josef and Emilie Blomberg lived after having moved from La Grange, Illinois.

More of the Tjäders...

Here are several photos of the Tjäders from different time periods.

Ingeborg Viberg in the 1920's

This is the youngest daughter of Karl Magnus Blomberg, Ingeborg Viberg and her two children Brita and Sigvard.

Who are these people?

Who is this man sitting in front of this house? Where and when is this photo taken?.

August Blomberg...

The schoolteacher Karl Magnus Blomberg had a younger brother, August Blomberg (born 1835 in Hjulskog, Ödenäs). What happened to him? more...

A cholera epidemic kills four in November 1857...

Within just three days, four members of the Blomberg family in Ödenäs died of cholera. more...

Another identified...

The sister-in-law of Richard Blomberg is now identified as Anna Jonsson (born 1877 in Lovö, Stockholm, Sweden).

The Swedish genealogical website "Rötter" (Roots)

Now, we are represented in the website "Rötter". They have for instance a database with old professional photographs under the name "Porträttfynd". Another new database is named "Emigrantforum" and this deals with data regarding people who have migrated to or from Sweden. I have posted a thread there regarding Aaron and Nelli Elmblade, the parents-in-law of Josef and David Blomberg. Hopefully this will help us to find out their background in Sweden. More...

Yet another unknown...

Here is another unidentified picture of the Birdie Blomberg collection. Who will recognize her?

Three more unknown...

Here are another three unidentified (so far) pictures of the Birdie Blomberg collection. Who will recognize them? The little child in the rightmost picture is named George Wallace according to writings on the back. Who is he?

Ingeborg and Martin Viberg

Here are Ingeborg (the youngest daughter of Karl Magnus Blomberg and his second wife Anna Wiberg) and her husband Martin visiting Manfred Wiberg (brother of Martin) in Spånga outside Stockholm in the 20's and 30's.

Unknown wedding couple

Another of the family photos from the Birdie Blomberg collection. But, who are they, and why does the bride look so unhappy?

Follow in the footsteps using maps and aerial photos...

By using a service provided by TerraServer.com and the public topo maps and aerial photos of the US Geological Survey, we can follow in the footsteps of our ancestors. Here are maps and photos of three places where Josef Blomberg lived in America, namely his aunts place in Cokato, Minnesota, La Grange outside of Chicago in Illinois and Burt Lake in northern Michigan. But who can pinpoint the more exact locations of where they lived in these places?

The headstone of Anna Fagerberg (born Blomberg)

This is the headstone of Anna, the first child of Karl Magnus Blomberg in his marriage to Anna Wiberg. Anna married Johan Fagerberg.

More of Josef Blomberg in Burt Lake

To the left the entire Josef Blomberg family in a nice picture from October 1918. To the right Josef shoveling snow at the farm in Burt Lake.

Old news...

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