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The Tjäders visiting Josef Blomberg in Michigan

When leaving China in 1933, the missionaries Hilma and Henrik Tjäder stopped by at Hilmas brother Josef in Michigan on their way back home to Sweden.

Two more photos of Magnus Blomberg and others...

Here are another two pictures from the collection of Birdie Blomberg. To the left is a picture of Magnus and Ada Blomberg together with Adas parents and Magnus' sister-in-law Emilie Blomberg and her son Eugene. To the right is a picture of Magnus and Ada together with another of Magnus sister-in-laws, Ella Elmblade Blomberg and her father and some other relatives.

Josef Blombergs visit to Sweden 1934

In 1934, Josef Blomberg payed a visit to his old country. Here, he is sitting together with his sister Ingeborg and her husband Martin Viberg.

The old schoolhouse in Ytter Ekeby in the 'Blomberg days'...

This is the old schoolhouse in Ytter Ekeby where Karl Magnus Blomberg worked as a schoolteacher between 1863 and 1895. Karl Magnus and his second wife Anna Wiberg is sitting on the porch outside of the front door.

A new design of the web site

In order to improve the readability of the site, I have included some facts on each ancestors personal page. I have therefore included the dates of birth and death, the names of the parents, spouse and children, and also a portrait of the person. Then the list of pictures that the actual person occurs on continues the page.

In the footsteps of our ancestors...

Last week I took a trip in the footsteps of our ancestors. I visited Segerstad and Ostmark in Värmland and the church and old schoolhouse in Fellingsbro. From left to right: the churches of Segerstad, Ostmark and Fellingsbro.

Below to the left Stora Årsås where Jan Daniel Wiberg was born and where his father and grandfather had the position as army drummers, In the middle a view of Millmark where Ingeborg and Marit Olsdotter grew up and, to the right, the schoolhouse in Ytter Ekeby where Karl Magnus Blomberg worked and lived with his family.

Selma och Willie...

The people on the wedding picture to the left are identified to be Selma Mathilda Nelson and Johan Wilhelm Beckman. The picture has belonged to Hilma Tjäder (b. Blomberg). Selma is one of the daughters of Jöns and Marit Nelson. The girl to the left in the other picture is also Selma and the other girl might be her sister Ella is a guess from Mr Beckman in Arizona. He is a son of Selma and Willie.

The headstone of Josef and Emilie Blomberg

This is the headstone of Josef and Emilie Blomberg in Michigan. The photo was taken by Kris Horton at the funeral of Robert (Bob) Blomberg, the youngest son of Josef and Emilie, who died on July 8 2003.

More old portraits

Here are another three photos from the Birdie Blomberg collection. These are all from the USA. Is the woman maybe one of the Nelson daughters? Inga Maria? Who can tell?

Selma och Wallie...

The back of the wedding picture to the left tells that the couple is named "Selma and Wallie". The picture has belonged to Hilma Tjäder (b. Blomberg). Is this Selma one of the daughters of Jöns and Marit Nelson? And, what about the people on the other picture - are they also two of the Nelson sisters?

Many old portraits

Thanks to Roberta Blomberg, a number of old family portraits have now been scanned. The photos belong to Birdie Blomberg in Michigan, the widow of Joe Blomberg - a son of Josef Blomberg. Here are the first eleven (of ca 40), but who can recognise who these persons are?

The Tjäders onboard the ship to America in 1899

This is the Tjäder family - Henrik, Hilma and little Carl - onboard the ship that will take them to America in 1899. But, who is the woman next to Hilma? Could it be one of her sisters? Who can recognize her?

Another photo identified...

Finally, the persons on this photo are identified as the family of Richard Blomberg. From left to right: Richard, Joel, Kristin, and David.

Ingeborg Viberg (b. Blomberg)

Here are two photos of Ingeborg, the youngest daughter of Karl Magnus Blomberg, born 1885. She married Martin Viberg.

Ester Blomberg (1875-1956)

Thanks to Annika Davidsson, Ester Blomberg has now been identified in several of our photos. Ester was the first child of Karl Magnus Blomberg in his second marriage to Anna Helena Wiberg. Annika remembers from her childhood how Ester used to tell her about the old days in Ytter Ekeby, Fellingsbro.

An early picture of Karl Magnus and Ingeborg

This is an early picture of Karl Magnus Blomberg and his first wife Ingeborg Olsdotter.

Ödenäs parish, Älvsborg, Sweden

Today, I had a trip in the beautiful Swedish spring to the parish Ödenäs, where Karl Magnus Blomberg was born in 1833. In the cemetery at the church there is a monument in the memory of Carl Blomberg, the father of Karl Magnus. He was a teacher in Ödenäs for no less than 50 years. The stone was erected by grateful pupils.

Hilma Tjäder and her son Carl

Here are two more photos of Hilma Tjäder (born Blomberg) and her son Carl.

Old news...

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