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Josef and Emilie Blomberg in the 1940's

Here are two more photos of Josef and Emilie in their old ages. The left one is from 1940 and the second one is taken shortly before Josef's death.

Two more photos of Richard Blomberg

This is Richard Blomberg, the first son of the schoolteacher Karl Magnus Blomberg and Ingeborg Olsdotter. The left picture is taken in 1897, and the one to the right is taken in Sandstone, Minnesota.

A young Josef Blomberg in Minnesota

This is the Nelson family in Minnesota, probably in 1888. The 17-year-old Josef Blomberg (standing to the right) had come by himself to stay with his aunt Mariet (b. Olsdotter) in Minnesota.

Hilma Tjäder visiting her maternal aunt in Minnesota

This is a photo of Hilma Tjäder visiting her maternal aunt Mariet Nelson in Minnesota, probably in March 1910.

The Blomberg sisters

This is a photo of the Blomberg sisters. Standing from left: Hilma, Jenny and Alma. But who is the sitting woman? Could she maybe be their younger half-sister Ester Blomberg? Please let us know if you recognize her.

Wanted: Who are these families?

These two photos have belonged to Hilma and Henrik Tjäder. Who can identify the families?

Wanted: Who is with Henrik Tjäder?

Here are another two photos that have belonged to Henrik and Hilma Tjäder. Henrik is the man to the right in the left picture, but who are all the others? Are the photos perhaps from their visit in Amerika when they went back to Europe from China in 1933-34?

Petronella and Aaron Elmblade

Petronella and Aaron Elmblade were the parents of Emilie and Ella Elmblade who married the two brothers, Josef and David Blomberg.

Marriage photo of Magnus Blomberg

Here is the marriage photo of Magnus Blomberg, a son of Karl Magnus Blomberg in his second marriage to Anna Helena Wiberg.

Ester Blomberg

Here is a photo of Ester Blomberg, the oldest daughter of Karl Magnus Blomberg in his second marriage to Anna Helena Wiberg.

More pictures of Hilma and Henrik Tjäder.

Here are two more photos of Hilma, the oldest daughter of Karl Magnus Blomberg in his fist marriage to Ingeborg Olsdotter.

A garden party in Duvbo

Here is a gathering of the Wiberg and Blomberg families taking place outside the villa in Duvbo in 1905-06.

A young Richard Blomberg

Here is a photo of a young Richard Blomberg taken in Minneapolis, USA.

Knut and Jenny Wiberg in Duvbo

In 1899 Knut and Jenny (b. Blomberg) Wiberg built a small villa for their family in Duvbo outside Stockholm. It was the company "AB Hem på landet" (translates to "homes in the coutryside Inc") that started to build small villas for cityfamilies that wanted to move out from the city. Here are four photos of the villa from 1904.

Henrik and Hilma, missionaries in China for 44 years

Here are two photos of the missionary couple Henrik and Hilma Tjäder. Hilma was the first child of Karl Magnus Blomberg and Ingeborg Olsdotter. In the left picture Henrik and Hilma wears traditional chinese clothes. The right picture is from a stop in Kalamagoo (USA) during their travel back home to Sweden in 1933.

Who can recognize this family?

This photo is among all the other Blomberg photos of my mothers. But who are they? Could it be the family of Richard Blomberg? Please let me know if you can identify them.

Karl Magnus Blomberg

Here is a picture of Karl Magnus Blomberg in his older days. The woman to the left looks like his oldest daughter Hilma (married to the missionair Henrik Tjäder). Who can acknowledge her identity?

Still problems with the site

The problems of slow uploading, wrong fonts and missing pictures seem to continue during some periods every day. I am very sorry for this and until the problems are solved I recommend a visit at THIS BACK-UP SITE! /Göran

Hilma and Henrik Tjäder

Here are two pictures of the oldest of Karl Magnus Blombergs daughters, Hilma and her husband Henrik Tjäder and their son Carl.

Our discussion board is open

Now we can start using our Wiberg/Blomberg descendant discussion board in order to discuss the photos, genealogical research or just share the family anecdotes as they are remembered today. More...

Where did our ancestors live?

Now we also have an interactive map on our site so that we can pin-point the locations where our common ancestors have lived. More...

Portraits directly from a hallway in Elmira

Here are two portraits hanging in the hallway of the great granddaughter of Karl Magnus Blomberg, Kris Horton. To the left is Karl Magnus Blomberg himself, and to the right is his son Magnus Blomberg in his older days.

The daughters of Olov Ivarsson in Värmland

The left one is a photo of the sister of Karl Magnus Blombergs first wife Ingeborg Olsdotter, namely Marit Olsdotter, who emigrated to America. Several of the Blomberg brothers lived at her place their first time in the States. But, who is on the other picture? Is it sister Marit in her younger ages, or is this Ingeborg Olsdotter herself?

More photos of Richard Blomberg

Here are two more photos of Richard Blomberg and his family.

Great portraits of Karl Magnus and Richard Blomberg

Here are the two latest photos of Karl Magnus Blomberg and his son Richard.

Problem with the site

I have noted the last days that there seem to be some kind of problem with the site (slow uploading, wrong font and missing pictures). I am very sorry for this and am just hoping that this problem is of a temporary nature. /Göran

New photos of the Elmblades, Josef Blomberg and the Tjäder family visiting in the US.

Here are the latest contribution of family photos for our common family album. To the left is the Elmblades in the early 1880's. The two little girls Ella and Emilie Elmblade eventually married the two brothers David and Josef Blomberg. The photo in the middle is a portrait of a young Josef Blomberg and to the right is a group-picture taken when the family of Hilma and Henrik Tjäder visited Josef Blomberg in La Grange, Illinois in 1910. In that picture, we also find David and Magnus Blomberg - two of the brothers of Hilma and Josef.

100 year old letters from Karl Magnus Blomberg

Thanks to Roberta Blomberg in Maryland we have now the opportunity to read english translations of some of the letters Karl Magnus Blomberg wrote to his son Joseph, just about one hudred years ago! More...

The family website "Släktbild" is launched

Today we launch the website "Släktbild" for the Wiberg and Blomberg descendants worldwide. The primary purpose of this website is to help the family community to inventory and identify the persons in our old family photographs, probably hiding in shoeboxes and closets in the homes of many of us. But, the purpose is also to share results of genealogical research and, by all means, help keeping the family anecdotes alive. As "family" in this case we count ancestors and descendants from Knut and Jenny Wiberg and their siblings. They grew up in Fellingsbro parish in Västmanland, Sweden, during the late 19th century. Many of the persons emigrated to America where lots of descendants live today. Knut and Jenny eventually moved to Stockholm but are nowadays resting in the Spånga parish cemetery. More...

This is Knut and Jenny Wiberg. Jenny who was born Blomberg was the daughter of the schoolteacher Karl Magnus Blomberg in Ytter Ekeby, Fellingsbro parish. He is the one sitting in the logo of this website.

Widberg, Viberg or Wiberg?

The family name Wiberg is used in different spellings by different branches of the family of today. There is varieties as Widberg, Viberg and Wiberg. Already in the old records from 18th century different spellings occur, probably depending on which priest or military administrator that happened to be at the pen. But, what made the two brothers Karl-Gustav Widberg (b. 1860) and Knut Wiberg (b. 1863) to choose to spell their names in different ways?

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