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Updated: February 19th, 2023

My name is Göran Blomqvist and I am running this website - FamilyPix - aiming at reaching the different family branches in our vast ancestor-tree so that we can share knowledge of our common history. Another important aim is to facilitate the possibility to share, and help identify the historical family photos hidden in drawers and boxes in our homes all around the world, hence the site is also in english.

This is a non-commercial site, runned by me (with some technical help from my brother). The driving-force behind it is pure curiosity and joy of finding new knowledge on "old" issues.

Have you tried to contact us without success - please try again using the new email address posted on every page. It turns out that the old address has been unvalid for a long but unknown amout of time.

We are back!
February 19th, 2021

Finally we're back online again. After a webserver crash where my Raspberry pi with its Nginx webserver stopped working a while ago, I have today uploaded the entire site on a commersial webserver. This may have caused some errors within the site, please let me know if you find any, so that I may fix them.
New email address!
August 27th, 2021

Unfortunately the old email address have been unvalid for a long unknown period. I am terribly sorry for that. Please feel welcome to use the new, well functioning email address.
Richard Blomberg in the US, 1910's
February 5th, 2012

Here is a picture of Richard and Kristin Blomberg in the back seat and their sons Joel and David at the steering wheel.
Richard Blomberg visits the old world in 1936
February 4th, 2012

Here is a picture of Richard Blomberg visiting his Swedish nieces and nephews, Mauritz Wiberg, Milda Viberg, Nelly Viderud and Manfred Wiberg.
Norrsäter No 1 in Fellingsbro
January 28th, 2012

Thanks to Sven-Rune Björdin in Fellingsbro, the house is now identified as Norrsäter No 1 in Fellingsbro.
Which house in Fellingsbro is this?
January 14th, 2012

Here is a pictures from Fellingsbro where Knut Wiberg with family and his nephew Erik Felldin with family is gathered in front of a house. Where are they, and who are the unidentified people in the picture?
Felldin family in Svillinge
January 8th, 2012

Here are two pictures from Svillinge in Fellingsbro where Karolina Felldin and her son Erik Felldin lived. One of the pictures is from 1930 and the other somewhat later.

"From the life in Svillinge"
January 8th, 2012

Here is a photo from Svillinge in Fellingsbro where the Knut Wiberg Family is visiting his sister Karolina Felldin with family. The photo is from a journey to Fellingsbro they made in the mid 1910's, probably 1914.
Hotel Olofsborg in Fellingsbro
January 7th, 2012

Here is a photo from Hotel Olofsborg in Fellingsbro with the Knut Wiberg Family posing on the porch. The photo is from a journey to Fellingsbro they made in the mid 1910's.

Clickable family trees
January 7th, 2012

Here are some 'clickable' Blomberg & Wiberg Family trees with the older generations. The three sibling groups are born in Fellingsbro between 1844 and 1885. By clickong on each portrait you will be linked to each persons website with compilations of their photos. To the left, the children of Jan Daniel Wiberg in Västersäter. In the center, the children of Karl Magnus Blomberg from his first marriage, and to the right from his second marriage.

Two more pictures of 'Grandma' Carlson
January 6th, 2012

Here are another two pictures of Lovisa Carlson born Wiberg. In one of them also her nephew Magnus Blomberg seems to be present.

Joseph Blomberg visiting Sweden 1934
January 5th, 2012

Here are som more pictures from the visit in Sweden that Joseph Blomberg made in 1934. In these pictures he is spending time with his nieces Milda and Nelly.

The Blomberg school house in Ytter Ekeby, Fellingsbro
January 4th, 2012

More familypictures from the Blomberg school house found.

When looking through old photo albums and boxed pictures that have belonged to Nelly Viderud and Milda Viberg, the daughters of Knut Wiberg hand his wife Jenny (born Blomberg, daughter of school teacher Karl Magnus Blombergs), another two pictures of the old school house in Ytter Ekeby, Fellingsbro, was found. Earlier we have seen a picture of Karl Magnus and his second wife Anna, sitting on the porch of the school house (top picture). That picture belongs to the descendants of Hilma Tjäder, the oldest daughter of Karl Magnus. It must be from 1901 or earlier, since Anna died in January 1902.

The older of the two found pictures seems to be from mid 1910's since it was found together with other pictures from that period.

The younger of the two found picture seems to be from a journey that Milda and Nelly made in Fellingsbro sometime in the 1930's. Together with the sisters in front of the school house are two younger girls, that I very much would like to have identified.

Den last picture is taken by me at a visit in Fellingsbro together with my parents in July 2003.

Helge Widbergs photographic treasure:
January 4th, 2012

Helge Widberg (1910-2006) a christian missionary in China left a photographic treasure. Among the pictures are early photographs from Helges time as a missionary in China 1947-1951, from an earthquake catastrophy in Greece and from humanitarian work in Berlin

Digitizing of the photographs will be reported here.

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