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This is Hilma Tjäder (b. Blomberg) visiting her maternal aunt Mariet Nelson (b. Olsdotter) in Minnesota. Hilma is standing to the left. In her diary from 1910, Hilma writes "... February 16, 2 p.m. we embarked the 'Inaba Maru' with America as goal. On Thursday Feb 24th we passed the 180-degree meridian and had two thursdays in one week. Arrived in Seattle Washington on Friday March 4th 1910, and went ashore the day after. We arrived to Missoula Montana March 10th where we visited the home of uncle Richard for one week. Then we went ahead to Minnesota, where we visited my old aunt Marit in Cokato. There Carl made acquaintance with Vernie Skoog, the son of one of my cousins. On Sunday March 27 we arrived at La Grange Illinois where we had the pleasure to meet with uncle Josef, his wife Emilie and the children Eugén, Josef, Ivar and Margaret, uncle David, his wife Ella and their little Ellsworth and uncle Magnus. We stayed in the home of uncle Josef until April 7th..." The boy in the middle of the back row looks like Hilmas son Carl, and maybe the other boy is the Vernie Skoog, who is mentioned by Hilma in her diary? The older lady sitting down must be Mariet Nelson, Hilmas aunt.

Date taken: March 1910?
Place taken:
Owner/-s: Mr Beckman, USA
Comments: The notes from the diary of Hilma Tjäder belong to Marianne Jonsson, Sweden. The translation may not be totally accurate but has been done me. /Goran

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