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Updated: 2004-02-08
Hedda Lovisa (b. Widberg)

Born: 1856-12-28, Västersäter, Fellingsbro parish, Västmanland
Dead: 1961-10-01, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA
Father: Jan Daniel Wiberg
Mother: Maria Helena Andersdotter
Spouse: Charles A. Carlson
Children: Four stepchildren and two daughters: Edit and Susan

Hedda Lovisa was born in Västersäter, Fellingsbro in 1856. In 1872, she moved to the neighbouring village Waru. In her thirties she emigrated to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she worked in a wealthy home in the Twin Cities area, cooking. Soon she met the widower and father-of-four Charles A. Carlson. They married in 1895. After some years in Minnesota the family moved to a farm in Wisconsin, where their children grew up. Eventually, Louisa and Charles moved back to Maple Plains in Minnesota. When she was about to celebrate her 100'th birthday, an article was written in a Minneapolis newspaper (Read more...). She also received a personal letter from US president Eisenhower. In 1961 she died only a couple of months before her 105'th birthday.

Updated: 2012-01-06
Photos of Hedda Lovisa (b. Widberg)

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