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Historical family photos.

Genealogy is fun! Great fun! But what gives me the real thrill is when I come about a box of really old family photos, such as this cardboard box. That thrill is one of the best driving forces behind this web site.

- Hmm, who is this?
- How old is this picture?
- I just wonder if this one is one of my relatives?

Lots of questions will pile up in your head, and:

-Time is running out...

Time is running out! Those who actually remember who is who in our old photos are getting fewer and fewer, year by year...

...but - it's not to late!

There's still hope. And one reason for this is actually internet.

An example of this is the actual box here in the picture above. It's not long ago, when nobody I knew of, had any knowledge regarding many of the photos in this box, more than that the persons in there were family, somehow. But, thanks to internet and newly found distant cousins, most of the persons in the photos are now identified. These two things, the possibility to find each other, and the possibility to share photos and information, made me se the need for a bilingual site where this could be done, and in March 2003 the site Släktbild (Familypix) on bredband.net, was born. Today, we have our own registred domain www.FamilyPix.se that has replaced the old websites.

So, even if no-one close to you seem to know anything about your old photos, there may be someone, somewhere, that have a similar or identical picture, and maybe, that person might know who's in your pictures. Or, maybe someone has written on the back of that photo, who is portrayed and when it's from. The trick is just to find that picture and person and get into contact. Hence this site www.FamilyPix.se.

Let's help each other!

Let us help each other to find and identify the persons in our old familyphotos; a part of our actual cultural heritage.

Göran Blomqvist

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