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Updated: 2004-03-22
The photographical archive of "Släktbild"

This archive of historical photos is one of the main purposes of this website.

Hopefully we will be able to help each other to identify the different persons in our old photos. Please help me to add missing information, or to correct misunderstandings. If you have other historical photos of our Wiberg and Blomberg relatives You are more than welcome to send them here and they will be added to the archive.

The Blomberg archive

Karl Magnus Blomberg (1833-1917)

wife Ingeborg Olsdotter (1836-1872)

daughter Hilma Tjäder (born Blomberg) (1863-1952)

daughter Jenny Wiberg (born Blomberg) (1865-1918)

son Richard Blomberg (1867- )

daughter Alma Isaksson (born Blomberg) (1868-1946)

son Josef Blomberg (1871-1947)

wife Anna Helena Wiberg (1844-1902)

daughter Anna Fagerberg (born Blomberg) (1874-1957)

daughter Ester Blomberg (1875-1956)

son Isak Blomberg (1877- )

son David Blomberg (1878- )

son Magnus Blomberg (1879- )

son Arvid Blomberg (1881- )

daughter Ingeborg Viberg (born Blomberg) (1885-1977)

The Wiberg/Widberg/Viberg archive

Jan Daniel Wiberg (1817-1900)

wife Maria Helena Andersdotter (1821- )

daughter Anna Helena Blomberg (born Wiberg) (1844-1902)

son Johan Wiberg (1849-1902)

daughter Karolina Felldin (born Wiberg) (1854-1939)

daughter Hedda Lovisa (born Wiberg) (1856-1961)

son Karl Gustav Widberg (1860-1919)

son Knut Wiberg (1863-1921)

The Elmblade family (Elmblad)

Aaron Elmblade (1845- )

daughter Ella Elmblade (1880- )

daughter Emilie Elmblade (1881-1970)

The Nelson family in Minnesota

Jons Nelson and Mariet (b. Olsdotter)

Who can recognize these persons

Who are the unidentified persons in these photos?

Please contact us at Den här sidan på svenska