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This is the house of Knut and Jenny Wiberg in Duvbo. The top photo is from 1904 and the other is from the spring of 2004 - 100 years later. The strange thing is that the birch tree that looked old already 100 years ago still seems to be growing, today. The house has been renovated and the facade has got a finishing coat. The house has also been prolonged to the left in the picture where a new window can be seen. The porch is widened to the right and is now covering one of the old windows. On the gable, one of the windows is now covered.

Easiest to recognize in the old photo is Jennys father Karl Magnus Blomberg with his characteristical beard, standing by the corner of the house. Knut Wiberg is probably the one with his hand to his hip.

Date taken: 1904 / 2004
Place taken: Duvbo
Owner/-s: Roberta Blomberg, USA / Göran Blomqvist, Sweden

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