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Updated: 2003-02-27
Daniel Wiberg

Born: 1786-04-15 Stora Årsås, Segerstad, Värmland
Dead: 1852-11-29 Fintatorp, Karlstad
Father: Olof Wiberg, army drummer in Segerstad
Mother: Annika Danielsdotter
Spouse: Stina Olofsdotter
Children: Anna Stina (1810-1816), Anna Cajsa (1812), Olof (1815-1851), Jan Daniel (1817-1900), Lars Gustav (1820), Stina (1822-1825), Johannes (1825)

Daniel Wiberg was born in 1786 in Segerstad parish, Värmland and died in 1852 in Fintatorp outside the city of Karlstad. He was an army drummer in the same regiment (Närke and Värmland's regiment) as his father had been before him. He probably replaced his father when he was retired in 1805. In 1807 he took part in the war in Pommern 1806-07. In November 1, 1807, Daniel and some of his collegues visited the church and gave money to the church and to the poor funds in the parish "all since God graciously brought them from the war back to their homes again".

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