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Updated: 2003-08-23
Carl Blomberg

Born: 1807-01-16, Skövde, Skaraborg
Dead: 1889, Ödenäs parish, Älvsborg
Father: unknown...
Mother: Anna Lena Blomberg (b. 1780)
Spouse (1): Johanna Mattiasdotter (1807-1857)
Children: Anna Lena (1829-1831), Anna Maria (1831-1857), Karl Magnus (1833-1917), August (1835), Ulrik (1839-1840), Erik (1841), Anders Peter (1843-1854), Johan (1847-1857), Anna Lena (1847)
Spouse (2): Kristina Andersdotter (b. 1818)
Children: Alexander (1860)

The father of Carl Blomberg is noted as "unknown" according to the church records. He probably grew up at his grandmother in Käpplunda outside of the town Skövde. His grandfather Clas Blomberg was a constable (a public officer responsible for keeping the public peace and for certain petty judicial duties), but he had already died when his grandson Carl was born. Already just 20 years old, Carl became a teacher in Ödenäs parish, Västergötland. He was a teacher all together during 50 years (1827-1877) and ended up as schoolmaster. A monument was raised over his memory at the church in Ödenäs.

In November 1857 he had to watch four members of his family die of cholera. Within just three days his ten year old son Johan, 26 year old daughter Anna Maria, 50 year old wife Johanna, and finally his only three year old grandaughter Johanna died. The cholera-epidemic of 1857 is classified by Statistics Sweden to be one of the more important events affecting health and mortality in Sweden during the last centuries.

Updated: 2003-08-23
Photos of Carl Blomberg

Hopefully there'll be a portrait of Carl Blomberg - who lived until 1889 - somewhere.
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