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Updated: 19 Jan 2008
The Blomberg family

This story, describing the origin of the Blomberg Family, starts in the year Anno 1749, when Johan Blomberg in the month of May marries Annika Haraldsdotter (Haraldsdotter = the daughter of Harald) in Clastorp (Klagstorp) in Hagelberg parish outside the town Skövde in Västergötland.

There are of course lots of Blomberg Families in our country, and this story only tells about one of these families - the one originating in Hagelberg parish in Västergötland.

The crofter Johan Blomberg
In May 17, 1749 Johan Blomberg married Annika Haraldsdotter from Klagstorp. In September their first child is born. He is named Karl. At his birth Johan is named crofter at a croft called "Sågen" (the saw or saw mill). It was placed just next to the creek Ömsån flowing east of the town Skövde. Johan and Annika had at least five children: Karl (1749), Ingeborg (1751), Harald (1753), Claes (1755) och Andreas (1758).

The croft "Sågen" in Hagelberg parish

The marriage book from Hagelbergs parish, 1749. The first time - as we know so far - the name Blomberg occurs in our family.

The writer and County constable Claes Blomberg (1755-1802)
Claes Blomberg was born in 1755 at the croft Sågen in Hagelberg. At an age of 25, he was a writer in the town Hjo, where also his daughter Anna Lena was born in 1780. Her mother was Ulrika Kinberg (1757-1841). Claes Blomberg was later on a constable in Käpplunda north of the town Skövde. In 1787 the family lived at Tomtagården in Käpplunda. In 1789 Claes Blomberg had (also?) Millumgården in Hafstena village outside Skövde.

The daughter Anna Lena Blomberg (1780- )
Anna Lena Blomberg lived at her mother Ulrika Kinberg in the town Skövde, when she gave birth to her son Karl in 1807. His father is unknown and where Anna Lena lived later on is so far unknown to me. Her son Karl grew up with his grandmother Ulrika Kinberg until he moved on.

The school master Karl Blomberg (1807-1889)
Karl Blomberg was born 1807. His father is unknown. In his youth he moved to the city Alingsås, before Alingsås he had lived in Borås. In Alingsås he is an apprentice learning to build tiled stoves when the priest finds out that he is very good at reading and decides to let him become a teacher. After six weeks education in Skara he becomes a teacher in Ödenäs, where it is said he had the croft Hjulskogen as compensation. Her was a teacher for as long as 50 years and a monument was raised to his memory at the church yard in Ödenäs.

The schoolteacher Karl Magnus Blomberg
Karl Magnus Blomberg (1833-1918) became a schoolteacher as his father. He was a teacher in the school in Ytter Ekeby in Fellingsbro parish mellan 1863 och 1895. Five of his children emigrated to the USA: Richard (b. 1867), Josef (b. 1871), David (b. 1878), Magnus (b. 1879), and Arvid (b. 1881).

Visa större karta
A map of the Blomberg family from 1749 close to Skövde (when Johan Blomberg marries Annika Haraldsdotter) up to 1902 when (my great great grandfather) Karl Magnus Blomberg moves to the Stockholm city. See also the line leaving Fellingsbro for Cocato, Minnesota, USA - this representing the emigration of all the Blomberg brothers

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