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Updated: 2003-07-27
Anna Helena Blomberg (b. Wiberg)

Birth: 1844-02-07, Västersäter, Fellingsbro, Västmanland
Death: 1902
Father: Jan Daniel Wiberg, Fellingsbro.
Mother: Maria Helena Andersdotter
Spouse: Karl Magnus Blomberg, schoolteacher in Fellingsbro.
Children: Anna (1874), Ester (1875), Isak (1877), David (1878), Magnus (1879), Arvid (1881), Ingeborg (1885).

Anna Helena was born in 1844. In 1871 she started serving as a housemaid at the schoolteacher Karl Magnus Blomberg and his wife Ingeborgs home in the schoolhouse in Ytter Ekeby, Fellingsbro. In juli 1872 Ingeborg died and one year later the wedding of Karl Magnus and his housemaid Anna Helena took place.

Updated 2003-07-27
Photos of Anna Blomberg (b. Wiberg)

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