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Updated: 2003-08-16
Anna Fagerberg (b. Blomberg)

Birth: 1874-02-26 Ytter Ekeby, Fellingsbro.
Death: 1957-03-10 Hässelby, Stockholm, Sweden
Father: Karl Magnus Blomberg, schoolteacher in Ytter Ekeby, Fellingsbro.
Mother: Anna Helena Wiberg
Spouse: Johan Fagerberg
Children: Margit (1906)

Anna was one of the younger daughters of Karl Magnus Blomberg. She was the oldest child in his second marriage, born 1874. In the autumn 1902 she was taking care of the household of her brother Isak in Stockholm. In the same apartment also lived their three brothers David, Magnus och Arvid. Their mother Anna had died earlier on the same year (1902). Their father Karl Magnus had recently moved also his belongings to the same apartment. Also Annas younger sister Ingeborg stayed there while she was looking for a job in a shop.

Updated: 2004-07-01
Photos of Anna Fagerberg (b. Blomberg)

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