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Updated: January 6th, 2012
Welcome to www.FamilyPix.se!

This website presents genealogical results and collections of the historical family photographs of the different branches in my family tree. My ambition is that we shall be able to help eachother in sharing and identifying the persons in our really old photos.

The large family names in here is so far Blomberg, Wiberg/Widberg, Nystrand, Holst, Jonsson, Fogelberg, Elmblade, but also lots of other family names occurs here and there, as for instance Kron, Kronholm, Iwar, Wall, etc.

Lots of close relatives left Sweden for the New World - America in the 1860's to the beginning of the 1900's. Unfortunately the contact between the old world - Sweden - and the new world - USA - has been lost in many cases. One purpose with this web site is to reconnect the family branches now separated by an ocean and a century. Please feel free to contact us.

/Göran Blomqvist

Please feel free to contact me!
Do you have any knowledge regarding the family branches or persons and places presented in this web site, their ancestors or descendants, or - maybe you are a descendant of anyone found in these pages... In any case, feel fre to be in touch!

Best Regards,
Göran Blomqvist

Links to the websites:

The website "Familypix/Släktbild" for exchange of family pictures of the Wiberg/Widberg and Blomberg family branches. Contain a hundred or so historical family photos from Sweden and the US. Started 2003.

Here are the family branches of Nystrand, Fogelberg, Holst and others. They are the ancestors of my maternal grandmother. I would very much want to get in contact with descendants or other that may have information regarding the destinies of these branches. Started autumn 2007.

Nyman, Kruskopp och Abborre!
This is a website regarding the marine soldiers of Sund parish on Åland island between Sweden and Finland during the period of 1729 and 1809. Started slightly different in 2000. Currently only in Swedish. Coming up soon...

This is the website of the Blomqvist family, descending from Åland. The ancestors of my paternal grandfather. Historical photgraphs and anecdotes is mixed with archive findings and maps.

Please contact us at Den här sidan på svenska: